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Proprioceptive Writing Led by Kaitlin Briggs

This year marks the third time that Kaitlin has conducted this invaluable writing workshop.

In this workshop. you will learn the basics of Proprioceptive Writing* (PW) while in a dynamic community of others doing the same. This method is accessible, healing—and transformative. Learn how to voice your own experience and interact with thought flow. Learn how to follow your felt sense and make your writing—your own. Unearth new images, content, ideas, and stories; Unravel thinking knots—all through writing. You may be searching for a place to begin, or you may want to bring your work to a deeper level. In both cases, PW lays a foundation for creative work and gives you a process to return to. Artists, poets, aspiring and accomplished writers, non-writers alike find a PW workshop to be an uncommon event.

* Proprioceptive Writing (PW) is not formal writing, nor stream-of-consciousness writing but a regular, disciplined practice that can deepen attention and free us to think, write, and speak with strength and clarity. We write together to music and candlelight in 25-minute sessions taking the emphasis off writing, and focusing on the experience of inner hearing. (See Writing the Mind Alive,

Retreat Dates and Registration

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Workshop Retreat Dates

Arrival: 6th April 2019
Departure: 13th April 2019

Information and Registration

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Kaitlin Briggs

Kaitlin Briggs

Kaitlin Briggs, Ed. D., Adjunct Faculty member of the Proprioceptive Writing Center, has been an Associate Professor of Interdisciplinary Studies in the University of Maine System, now retired. For some two decades, she incorporated PW into her well-known Honors Program seminar “Thinking and Writing in Honors: Focus on the Essay/Writing as a Path to Self and World” as well as her Arts & Humanities courses such as “Women and Creativity” and  “Thinking and Writing/Writing and Healing: The Literature of Personal Disaster.”

She has also published several peer-reviewed academic essays and book chapters about teaching this writing process. Inspired by her last year's teaching at Anam Cara, she is currently writing a book about writing

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