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Watercolour Workshop with Evelyn Dunphy

Take your watercolor skills to new levels with award winning artist, Evelyn Dunphy.

The goal of Evelyn's workshops is to share her painting knowledge and experience with each student in the way that will best help them to further their own personal development. The small group size means lots of personal attention. You will have as much of Evelyn’s time as you wish and require! There are demonstrations at the beginning of each day and one on one demonstrations go on throughout the day.

To view Evelyn’s work and read recommendations from students, please visit her website

skies over coulagh bay
"Skies Over Coulagh Bay"

Retreat Dates and Registration

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Workshop Retreat Dates

Arrival: 18th May 2019
Departure: 25th May 2019

Information and Registration

For more information or to book your place on this workshop retreat, please complete the form below:

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Evelyn Dunphy

Evelyn Dunphy

Evelyn Dunphy is an artist based in Maine who travels and paints the world.  She has been recognized for her activism in land conservation and children's hunger programs.  Evelyn has exhibited her paintings in the US, Canada, and the UK, and is also a sought after art teacher who leads workshops in Europe, Cuba, Ireland and various locations in the United States.  Her paintings are available for direct sale on this website.  Her collector's words speak to the importance of her work:

"Evelyn not only beautifully depicts what she sees with light, color, and style, but her paintings elicit the feeling and emotion that she had when she created the painting.  Whether it the light shining on one object or a unique scene that captured her eye, her paintings tell a compelling story.

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