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Writing with Fire with David Hazard

Your week will be spent learning the techniques of both good fiction and essay-style writing, including: storyboarding and outlining; plot and character / theme development; writing great scenes and dialogue; and the importance of "camera work" (the right description at the right time). You will also learn the art of great query letter writing, and how to contact literary agents and publishers.

Afternoons you can meet 1-on1 with the instructor for coaching. Evenings you can share your writings, and receive critique if you wish

Retreat Dates and Registration

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Workshop Retreat Dates

Arrival: 14th April 2018
Departure: 20th April 2018

Information and Registration

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David Hazard

David Hazard

David Hazard has worked as a publisher, publishing consultant, and writing and creativity coach since 1979, developing bestselling titles and lines of books for numerous publishers. He has consulted with publishers such as Doubleday, HarperCollins, Random House, Thomas Nelson and others.

David has also authored more than 30 books, including several award-winning and internationally bestselling titles. His 1984 book, Blood Brothers, led to three Nobel Peace Prize nominations for its subject, Dr. Elias Chacour, and is now published in 25 languages.

Other bestsellers and award-winning books include: A Place Behind the World (1st Place, Fiction, ECPA); No Compromise: The Keith Green Story (over 1.5 million sold); Rekindling the Inner Fire, an 11-volume series (over 350,000 sold).

In his wide-ranging career as a writing coach, David has coached government officials, actors and celebrities, novelists, financial and economic experts, children's authors, international diplomats, news correspondents, psychologists and counselors, pop music stars, motivational speakers, sports figures, spiritual teachers and theologians... and everyday men and women with novels and poignant memoirs to publish.

He says:

β€œIn my years of coaching writers I have learned that, when you help the writer find their voice – there own inner fire – you have helped them find the true beginning and basis of all their work. Finding that fire is the challenge, though.  So many things, outer and inner, want to shut us down. We cannot let those barriers stand, if we want to empower our words, sentences, and the messages we wish to deliver to the world in character and theme or in terms of new information the world needs to move ahead.”

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