What Do I Mean by Creativity?

What Do I Mean by Creativity?
Proprioceptive Writing Retreat

Ginny-KeeganRetreat Leader:  Ginny Keegan (more information)
Arrival:  April 18, 2015
Departure:  April 24, 2015

Poets, artists, writers and non-writers alike, anyone interested in creativity, psychology, and the life of the spirit will find this work encouraging, clarifying and stimulating.  We write together each morning; afternoons are for our own private work, poetry, painting (beginning to paint), starting that writing project.
Evenings are for sharing as we gather round the turf fire.   

Proprioceptive Writing (PW) is not formal writing, nor stream-of-consciousness writing but a regular, disciplined practice that can deepen attention and free us to think, write, and speak with strength and clarity. We write together to music and candlelight in 25-minute sessions taking the emphasis off writing, and focusing on the experience of inner hearing.

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Poetry for the Soul

James-HarpurPoetry for the Soul
A Week-long Residential Workshop Retreat
Led by James Harpur (more information)
Arrival: Saturday, 9 May 2015
Departure: Saturday 16 May 2015

"My week at Anam Cara will explore the world of poetry with a spiritual tinge to it. In a friendly but focused atmosphere, sometimes contemplative, sometimes fun, we shall explore some of life’s deeper issues and observe how poetry honours them with the “best words in the best order”. The backdrop of the peninsula will help to direct our thoughts to creation and the creative process.

"Our morning sessions will include relaxed warm-up exercises, discussions on particular themes, reading classic and contemporary poems, and above all getting down to some writing. Afternoons will focus on personal study and one-to-one sessions with James.

"The course is open to all abilities, from experienced writers to those beginning their poetic journey, and is suitable to all believers, non-believers and part-time believers of all creeds, or no creeds. The most important thing is an open mind and heart, enthusiasm and a willingness to have a go and share.’"

Our themes will be:
•    Life as Journey
•    The Poetry of Now
•    Spirit of Nature
•    Talking to the Dead
•    Dreamtime


Painting the Wild Coast of Ireland Workshop Retreat

Painting the Wild Coast of Ireland Workshop Retreat
One-week residential workshop retreat

Evelyn DunphyAncient StonesRetreat Leader:  Evelyn Dunphy (more information)
Arrival:  Saturday, 30 May 2015
Departure:  Saturday 6th June 2015

Join us as we experience the haunting beauty that surrounds Anam Cara. The lengthening spring days offer plein air opportunities in the colorful village of Eyeries, the nearby strand and mountains. Evelyn will lead us in painting the wild, rugged coastal views of this ancient landscape. Brightly colored cottages wind their way down the lane and the misty Killarney Hills overlooking Coulagh Bay reveal themselves in the ever-changing light -- it's an artist's paradise. This workshop is designed to expand your knowledge and ability with plein air painting, accompanied by studio work that will underscore and re-enforce the field work. I hope that the combination of this and a new landscape will prove a winning combination.

Lining Our Thoughts: A Poetry Writing Workshop

Lining Our Thoughts - A Poetry Writing Workshop
A Week-long Residential Workshop Retreat

Leanne osullivanRetreat Leader:  Leanne O’Sullivan (more information)
Arrival:  Saturday, 4th July 2015
Departure:  Saturday 11th July 2015

“This workshop is for those who would like to begin to write poetry or those who would like to develop poems they have already started.  The main aim of my workshops is to encourage writers through discussion, exercise based and free writing, while also allowing them to take risks in a supportive environment.  Each session will focus on a different topic, such as imagery, perspective, storytelling, rhythm and form.  Everything a writer needs is inside of themselves, and it’s my goal to help them refine the effectiveness of how they communicate their subject matter.  Morning sessions will include a reading of poems by established writers (which will be supplied) with discussion of what makes these poems effective, writing exercises and also excursions to some sites in Beara that have given inspiration to my own writing.  In the afternoons I will be available for one-to-one sessions and this will also be free time during which participants can enjoy the creative peace of the retreat and do some writing.

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Once Upon A Time... Rediscover your Creative Freedom

Once Upon A Time... Rediscover your Creative Freedom
A Week-long Residential Workshop Retreat

vanessa gebbieRetreat Leader:  Vanessa Gebbie (more information)
Arrival:  Saturday, 1st August 2015
Departure:  Saturday 8th August 2015

A reinvigorating workout for writers -- especially established writers who are feeling hemmed in.

"We will be focussing on narrative of all sorts. On the short story of course, and then on poetry and prose poetry, on narrative poetry, on flash and micro-fictions, on the novel, on dramatic forms written for screen stage and radio. We will be exploring as many different ways to tell stories as we can think of, between us, and who knows, we might invent completely new ones...

"The writing industry loves to put writers in boxes, pushing them to create similar work over and over. Let’s break those boxes open and remind ourselves how broad this gift of writing really is? Take a step outside your comfort zone, try out new forms, new themes, with the support of an experienced tutor whose text book is recommended reading for creative writing courses across the UK and beyond, and whose own published works span the novel, short stories, flash and micro-fictions, poetry and prose poetry."


Loosening the Bonds - A Silent Guided Elements Retreat

Loosening the Bonds - A Silent, Guided, Elements Retreat
A Week-long Residential Workshop Retreat

kim on strandRetreat Leader:  Kim Richardson
Arrival:  Saturday, 15th August 2015
Departure:  Saturday 22nd August 2015

"This retreat is designed to help loosen the bonds of our attachment to the "false self," going beyond and inward to awaken to the freedom and beauty of our real Self. To help in this process of Self-awakening, we work with silence (we keep silence, as a group, during the five days and nights of the main retreat), the Elements, and we work with guided and silent meditations and practices drawn from the Sufi Alchemical Retreat tradition, and from other major world spiritual traditions.”

Whose Story Is It Anyway?

Whose Story Is It Anyway?
A Week-long Residential Workshop Retreat

Geraldine-MillsLed By:  Geraldine Mills (more information)
Arrival:  Saturday, 5th September 2015
Departure:  Saturday 12th September 2015

"Throughout my writing life, I have worked in a variety of genres; yet, the one that is most challenging and exciting for me is the short story because of its exacting nature.  The attraction for me in running this week-long course is to share my enthusiasm for the short story by providing a considered, interactive experience where participants can immerse themselves in the different elements and the specific techniques that make up a well-crafted story.

"The only way to learn how to write, is to write. In a nurturing and expressive atmosphere, participants can expect a week of exploration and challenge, but most of all fun, as they identify the building blocks of a good story. To achieve the maximum benefit from the workshop, it would be helpful for all participants to have written at least one short story, which they bring to the group. We will start by critiquing the craft of established authors and discover how they lift the everyday beyond the ordinary."

Singing Over the Bones

Singing Over the Bones
A Five Day Residential Workshop Retreat

Sharon-BlackieRetreat Leader:  Sharon Blackie (more information)
Arrival:  Sunday, 11th October 2015
Departure:  Friday 16th October 2015

A new ‘Singing Over the Bones’ creative retreat for women writers and artists will take place on the beautiful wild Beara Peninsula in the south-west of Ireland. Beara is the home of the Cailleach Bheara, and is steeped in myth and story. We’ll be staying at the Anam Cara Writer’s and Artist’s Retreat near the gorgeous coastal village of Eyeries. (Anam Cara is a wonderful place, and even has a sauna and a hot tub.) there’s a magazine feature on it here.)

During ‘Singing Over the Bones’ retreats, we explore the ways in which we can bring into our writing and other creative work that uniquely female sense of wildness that so often remains unawakened or suppressed. We do this primarily by working with wild myth and archetype and by mapping and storying our connections with the natural world. The approach is grounded and embodied; it is rooted in sensory experience, as well as in the poetics, dreamings and storying of the land and its inhabitants. It is about re-enchantment, for sure – but it is also about  quickening.

We aim to create a warm, supportive but creatively challenging and transformative atmosphere in which we spend time indoors and outdoors, exploring a unique combination of practices — writing, storytelling, creative imagination as well as crafting and artwork techniques — to deepen our connectedness, catalyse our own personal metamorphoses, and enrichen our creative practice.  There is free time for private creative work, walking, and relaxation, and the evenings after dinner are devoted to conversation, readings and to myth- and storytelling by the fire.

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