"Eagle Eye"

"A Beara Welcome"

While attending Anne Lister's (South Wales) songwriting workshop at Anam Cara, Teddy Black wrote the lyrics and the aire to "A Beara Welcome" as a celebration of Anam Cara and the people and beauty of the Beara Peninsula. I so appreciate this incredible gift of his talents.

Teddy is a well-known Irish storyteller steeped in lore handed down orally from old -timers; he is a repository of intimate local history and characters -- a seanachai in the venerable Irish tradition. Growing up as a boy in Castletownbere in West Cork, long before television had had any influence in Ireland. Teddy experienced people gathering in neighbouring houses (this kind of house was known as a rambling house) passing on the stories and songs they had heard from their old folk. (www.teddyblack.net)

"View from Miskish"

A warm September afternoon from top of Miskish taken by John Eagle

"Anam Cara Retreat Wildcamping"

Beara and Anam Cara were featured in the first episode of the Travel Channel's "Wild Camping" series.

"John O'Leary reciting one of his poems"

John O'Leary was the centre cog in the wheel that was The Beara Writing Experience. Paddy and I will miss him for all the years to come. To watch and listen to John reciting one of his wonderful poems standing at one of his favourite Beara spots.

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