Workshop Retreat Schedule for 2017

Anam Cara's Workshop Retreat Schedule is now set for 2017. For more information about each of the workshops as well as availability for individual retreats during the rest of the year, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Ginny Keegan

“When I Write, I find a Way to Become Wise About Myself,” a Proprioceptive Writing Workshop

Ginny Keegan

Retreat Leader: Ginny Keegan
Arrival: 29th April 2017
Departure: 6th May 2017

Please Note: Workshop now fully booked! To be placed on the waiting list, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Poets, artists, writers and non-writers alike, anyone interested in creativity, psychology, and the life of the spirit will find this work encouraging, clarifying and stimulating.  We write together each morning; afternoons are for our own private work, poetry painting, starting/completing that writing project and private sessions. Evenings are for sharing as we gather round the turf fire.

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Evelyn Dunphy

"Painting the Beautiful Beara Peninsula of Ireland", a watercolour workshop

evelyn dunphyRetreat Leader:  Evelyn Dunphy
Arrival: 20th May 2017
Departure: 27th May 2017

"I would like to invite you to join me in a painting retreat at Anam Cara, "a tranquil spot set apart to nurture and to provide sanctuary for those who create". We would like people to know that they are coming on retreat; meaning coming away from the dailiness of their lives, to this quiet, beautiful part of Ireland to become part of a creative workshop group to learn and find inspiration for their art as well as to become part of a small, rural, Irish community.

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Adam Wyeth

"The Mythic Imagination Creative Writing Workshop"

Adam Wyeth

Retreat Leader: Adam Wyeth
Arrival: 10th June 2017
Departure: 17th June 2017

In this exciting and accessible new series of creative writing workshops, Adam Wyeth (author of The Hidden World of Poetry: Unravelling Celtic mythology in Contemporary Irish Poetry) will take you on a journey through the great panoply of Celtic myth, revealing how these ancient narratives and traditions are deeply intertwined into the fabric of our daily lives.

Mythology and folklore is humanity attempting to explain the world to itself. By understanding myth we tap into the deep root of the personal and collective unconscious.As each generation re-visits these tales, our personal and expanding lives offer fresh interpretations to these age-old myths.

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Leanne O’Sullivan

Lining Our Thoughts - A Poetry Writing Workshop Retreat

Leanne O' SullivanRetreat Leader:  Leanne O’Sullivan
Arrival: 5th August 2017
Departure: 12th August 2017

“This workshop is for those who would like to begin to write poetry or those who would like to develop poems they have already started.  The main aim of my workshops is to encourage writers through discussion, exercise based and free writing, while also allowing them to take risks in a supportive environment.  Each session will focus on a different topic, such as imagery, perspective, storytelling, rhythm and form.  Everything a writer needs is inside of themselves, and it’s my goal to help them refine the effectiveness of how they communicate how they see and understand of the world.  Morning sessions will include a reading of poems by established writers (which will be supplied) with discussion of what makes these poems effective, writing exercises and also excursions to some sites in Beara that have given inspiration to my own writing. 

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Caz Jeffries

"Explore Your Musical Self: A Creative Approach to Songwriting"

caz jeffries

Retreat Leader: Caz Jeffreys
Arrival: 19th August 2017
Departure: 26th August 2017

“Submerge yourself in a ‘melange’ of creative musical potential. Explore your musicality through a variety of approaches, learn more about your own connection to music and song and develop ways to share your ideas with others. Try out new concepts in an environment which will embrace and work with your own ideas as well as feed you with new approaches to take away with you.”

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Katja Liedle

"The Art of Seeing: Mindfulness in Photography," a Photography Workshop

Katja Liedle

Retreat Leader: Katja Liedle
Arrival: 2nd September 2017
Departure: 9th September 2017

Photography sometimes can have the effect of removing one from really experiencing nature. Taking a photograph may mean just taking a snapshot -- been there, seen that -- and trying to reconstruct the experience while watching the photographs back home. However, photography can also be a way to experience our surroundings in a more profound manner, especially when mindfulness becomes part of the photographic process. Also, mindfulness can be seen as a key ingredient of a good photograph.

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Vanessa Gebbie

"The Art of the Short Story -- In Its Many Guises" a Short Fiction Writing Workshop

vanessa gebbie

Retreat Leader: Vanessa Gebbie
Arrival: 9th September 2017
Departure: 16th September 2017

Short fiction is such an exciting beast -- challenging, shape-shifting, difficult to get right, hugely satisfying to try, so rewarding when you do. This creative writing course led by short fiction writer, novelist and poet Vanessa Gebbie is a great way to focus on the craft underpinning so much successful fiction.

Vanessa, author of The Coward's Tale, has won awards for both fiction and poetry including a Bridport Prize for short fiction and the International Troubadour Poetry Prize. Vanessa puts her writing first and is selective about her teaching work. A long-term alumna of Anam Cara herself, she loves running workshops here. “Something happens to writers at Anam Cara,” she says. “A little bit of magic? Who knows?!”

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Mary Meighan

"A Celtic Retreat at Samhain -- The Celtic New Year"

mary meighanRetreat Leader:  Mary Meighan
Arrival:  28th October 2017
Departure:  3rd November 2017

Step into the mystical imagination of the Celtic Wisdom Tradition through Celtic Gatherings and guided retreat time and visits to some sacred sites on the magnificent Beara Peninsula. For more general information about Mary's workshops, see her web site.


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