Anam Cara is located 150 yards west of the cross (intersection) of R571 and R575 (4.5 miles north of CastletownBere and .5 miles west of Eyeries) on the northern coast of the Beara Peninsula, Co. Cork, Ireland. See the map below.

Anam Cara Retreat Map

Public Transport
Bus Eireann:
Irish Rail:
Harrington's Minibus Service: Bookings +353 (0)27 74003
Driver's Cell Phone +353 (0)87 2678388
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Note on driving: If you are going to rent a car and this is your first time in Ireland, keep in mind that you will be driving a car with the steering wheel on the right and standard transmission (unless you specify and pay a higher rate for automatic) and that you will be driving on the left-hand side of the road. In addition, Irish roads are often narrow and winding, especially in the rural areas, and other drivers often drive faster than you will because they know the roads. You may need some time and practice to adjust; driving here can require a lot more time and energy than you are used to. Adding these factors may increase your driving time as well as lessen your enjoyment of the beautiful scenery.

Note on flying: Cork Airport (2.5+ hours by car or minibus from Anam Cara) has become more easily accessible from London via Heathrow (British Airlines/Aer Lingus), EasyJet (London City), and Stansted (RyanAir) airports. You can also fly into Shannon (4 hours by car) and take the bus to Cork City or into Dublin and take the bus or the train or fly to Cork City . Kerry Airport at Farranfore (1.5+ hours drive from Anam Cara), just outside Killarney in Co. Kerry, is opening new routes from the UK and Europe all the time; Aer Arran is the only airline to fly to and from Dublin to Kerry airport.

Note on Public Transport: Once in Ireland, you will need to travel through Cork City to get to Anam Cara. There is a privately owned minibus service, Harrington's that will deliver you to the door here. The service leaves from its own parking space about one block away from the away from the River Lee on the same side of the street as the main Bus Eireann terminal, Monday-Wednesday and Friday-Saturday at 6:00 P.M; on Sundays, it leaves at 7:30 P.M. (On Thursdays, the service is operated by O'Donoghue's.)  If you plan to take the minibus back to Cork for your return flight, you will be at the airport by 10:30 A.M. so your flight can leave no earlier than 11:30 A.M., or you will need to go into Cork the day before and stay overnight to catch an earlier flight. If you are flying from Shannon or Dublin, you will need to leave Anam Cara the day before your flight departs.

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