Deborah Barlow
Deborah Barlow lives in Brookline, Massachusetts. Originally from the San Francisco Bay Area and a graduate of University of California at Santa Cruz, she has lived most of her life as a painter in New York and Boston. Over the last 25 years, her work has been exhibited in the US and Europe with recent shows at Portland State University in Oregon, Anam Cara in Ireland and the Lyman Eyer Gallery in Massachusetts.  Her studio and gallery space is located in South Boston. Visitors are welcome by appointment.

Sassa Buregren
Sassa is a Swedish artist and author of several non-fiction books for adolescents. Her web site is in Swedish.

Fabienne Christenson
"I don't try to be 'spiritual' in my painting. I just like to paint; to take the moment and enjoy.  I do two different kinds of work: contemporary and traditional. My traditional paintings are done for the innocent joy of it all. I still get a thrill out of being able to capture light on a golden day, mauve in a sky or the blues in a shadow. Nothing speaks of a higher calibration than controlling an image with the primitive and seductive medium of paint. So my traditional paintings are raw euphoria. The second kind of painting I do is an exploration of the psyche, my contemporary paintings — where I employ three elements in varying measure: risk, creativity, and psychiatry. These images mean something and take the technical ideas gleaned from traditional work, and make them toil in the service of my themes. I use my background in art history, my love of great contemporary painting, and wry observations on the nature of men and women to produce original images."

Laura Cloud
"My multi-layered mixed media installations attempt to deconstruct cultural traditions, stereotypes and mythologies. By juxtaposing diverse bits of information, the work slowly reveals hidden power structures and injustices. The materials I use often have inherent meaning: gold leaf, architectural elements, popular culture images, mass produced objects, etc."

Bryna Cohen
Bryna Cohen holds B.F.A. degrees from McGill University and the University of Ottawa in addition to studies at the Rhode Island School of Design.  For the past 11 years, Bryna has been Educator/Guide in the Education & Public Programs Division at the National Gallery of Canada. Her broad experience with various media has enabled her to deliver high-quality educational programming in an effective manner to audiences of all ages. Since 1986, Bryna's work has been featured in numerous exhibitions in Ottawa and throughout Canada. In 2000, she had two solo exhibitions, one at Galerie St-Laurent + Hill in Ottawa and the other at David Ariss Fine Arts in St. John's, Newfoundland. She is also represented by Painted City Gallery in Toronto. Bryna's work can be found in several private and public collections, among them the Canada Council Art Back and the City of Ottawa.

Ruth Emers
"A sculptor, I grew up in New York. My mother was a painter. I taught school in Great Neck, New York before moving to Rhode Island where I married and raised my family. I studied art at RISD and at Brown University where I received masters in art. I travel extensively and am a practitioner of Tibetan Buddism."

Teresa Flavin 
Colourful, multicultural children’s book illustrations, paintings and limited edition prints from this Glasgow, Scotland-based artist.

Elisabeth Gibson
An award-winning artist, Elisabeth Gibson has been exhibiting for many years. She is an elected member of the Society of Canadian Painters in Watercolour and the Society of Canadian Artists, a signature member of the Toronto Watercolour Society, and active in other societies such as Arts Etobicoke, East Central Ontario Art Association, Central Ontario Art Association and the Etobicoke Art Group.

Faxon Green
Faxon Green is a designer who uses the raw materials of our mother earth in her work, the Elements — Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Wood, Metal, Mineral.  Faxon is an artist who choreographs with flowers, foliage and these elements to create bouquets, sculptures, installations, and gardens with a unique sense of Line, Color, Texture, Fragrance, Beauty and Function. Her floral design work includes celebrations such as weddings, special events, holiday gatherings, conferences, gallery openings, and rites of passage.  Faxon's love of beauty is seen in her painterly creations with flowers.

Philip Hill
"The 'Stained Glass Bug' bit me late in the year 2000. After making all the stained glass doors, windows, transoms and sidelights our house will accommodate, I need an outlet for the 'fever.' If you would be interested in having beautiful windows or other items in your home, please contact me by E-mail. Even if you don't want anything, E-mail me and let me know what you think of my site." [We just recieved word that Phil passed away in March 2005. We send our condolences to his wife and family. He will be deeply missed.]

Marianne Janssen
Drawing, painting and sculpting, all about the work: locations and data to develop creativity or to enlarge your insights.

Christine Karpinski
Chris Karpinski has studied at the Rhode Island School of Design and the Lyme Academy of Fine Arts. Her love of hiking in the mountains and along the shores of Connecticut has provided inspiration for her landscape painting.  Her work has been exhibited regularly at the Cooley Gallery, the Lyme Art Association and the Essex Art Association. In March of 2001, she exhibited with Nancy Pinney, paintings of  the South West Coast of Ireland, after a stay Anam Cara.  A resident of Waterford, Connecticut, Chris is a registered psychiatric nurse working in the substance abuse field.  Her night work schedule allows ample daylight hours for her outdoor painting.  The pleasure and peace she derives from painting is a resource to draw upon for nursing.

Martha Rock Keller 
Beginning with on-site studies, Ms. Keller sketches on the canvas with charcoal and dilute paint deliberately blurring the image. Working the figure and the ground simultaneously, she creates a surface that remains wet, allowing her images to stay fluent. She allows her edges to move and to change, expanding the forms into the space of the format or vice versa, keeping her work fresh and flexible.  Ms. Keller says about her work, "These paintings are about metaphorical edges and limits and mutable boundaries...they reflect my wonder at the bluffs and bays and mountains and valleys I've seen while traveling in Michigan and in Europe. More than that, they explore consciousness — my own and what I perceive as the viewer's. While painting, I see myself think, and I try to achieve a meditative state of consciousness that I find simultaneously calm and ecstatic."  Martha Keller received her MFA from the University of Michigan in 1969 and is currently an adjunct assistant professor there.

Patrick Keough
I had to travel thousands of miles to one of the most desolate and rugged regions of Ireland to see it all clearly. At forty-nine, the writing for my book is finally coming together. Standing here in total awe of the majestic Beara Way (on the southwest coast of Ireland) my distant past is finally coming into clear view.  I came to Ireland, home of my ancestors, to rest, write, photograph and rejuvenate my creative spirit.

Diane Langley 
A true Mainer, Diane Langley was not only born here, she has lived exclusively in Maine. Her paintings reflect this love of the land, which she knows so well. An alumnus of both the University of Maine Augusta and University of Southern Maine, Langley holds a master of fine arts degree from Vermont College of Norwich University, Montpelier, Vermont. Recently, her artwork has been exhibited at Lake Forest College, Lake Forest, Illinois as well as Beara Community Arts Festival In West Cork, Ireland, the Maine Art Gallery in Wiscasset, Maine and Harlow Gallery In Hallowell, Maine.  Langley travels to renew her sense of wonder. Most recent was Portugal where she painted on location. Other travels have been Ireland, Scotland, Culebra, Puerto Rico and the United States.

Janet Maher
"The images we create in turn create us. The ways that we image the turn give us the perspective...we have on ourselves... Art, like religion, may be framed (or institutionalized), placed on a pedestal (or set apart and made taboo), but the distinctions or boundaries between them have been smudged and mingled throughout time."  Lynda Sexton, Ordinarily Sacred

Mary Nadon-Nichols
Mary is currently making her home and creating her art in Kinvara, Co. Clare.  The web site features an art festival there in which she participated.

Midge Obata 
The formation of the Glen Arbor Arts Association is a story of the talent and enthusiasm of a few people who wanted to see the work of area artists celebrated and promoted for all to enjoy, by teaching classes, organizing exhibits and holding events that promote understanding and appreciation of the arts.  About 15 years ago, local artists and art supporters Suzanne Wilson, Amanda and Ben Bricker, Midge Obata, Becky Thatcher, Frank and Barbara Siepker, and others pooled their ideas and energies to create the organization. They all continue, as time permits, to be active in the many programs that you see on these pages.

Jennifer Pepper 
Installation artist, Jennifer Pepper (Canada and New York) was invited to create a site-specific public work called "The Finger Poets" in the city of Sumter, South Carolina, for their annual international exhibition Accessibility: From the Outside In, September through November 2003. Pepper was one of ten artists from Israel, Japan, Korea and the US.

Nancy Pinney
Nancy, a resident of Old Lyme, has spent the past decade painting landscapes of the Connecticut shoreline. Her previous work, from six years of study at the Lyme Academy of Fine Arts, focused on the figure and portrait.  In 1987, after concluding her studies, she opened a custom frame shop that specializes in gilding and frame restoration. In October 2001, she was awarded the first Lyme Academy College of Fine Arts "Distinguished Alumna" medal, in celebration of its 25th anniversary.  Nancy is an artist member of the Lyme Art Association, and also exhibits with the Cooley Gallery. In 1996, her first two-woman show Oil and Water was held at the Hoxie Gallery in Westerly, R.I., and last March she hosted an exhibit with Chris Karpinski of oil paintings from the Southwest Coast of Ireland, after a stay at Anam Cara.

Ula Retzlaff
A native of Poland, Ula Retzlaff has lived in Ireland since 1980. She studied Drama and Theatre in KUL (University of Lublin in Poland), and after graduation, she travelled internationally with the Visual Theatre of KUL. She studied Fine Art Painting in Dublin at the National College of Art & Design and exhibited in many group and solo shows, worked as a cultural correspondent, and directed and designed for theatre and ballet.  Her work is in public, corporate and private collections.

Mary Eileen Sorenson
The web site presents one of Mary Eileen's shows, this one sponsored by The Minneapolis Institute of Arts.

Ann Tracey-Lopez
Painting primarily in Tucson, Arizona, Ann finds her work greatly influence by Ireland.

Michael Ome Untiedt
Michael is a representational painter in the tradition of the Taos School, relying on expansive color palette and brush technique.  His work portrays the hypostatic condition of human kind through landscape and figurative imagery.  Intensely researching local stories, myths and legends, his work is heavily symbolized with themes from the regional areas from which inspirations are drawn.

Eileen Wagner
The web site features Eileen's art and her recent exhibitions.

Harriet Winograd
Harriet's web site presents a sampling of her art as well as the Harford Public Library's Festival of Pumpkins Online Gallery: A Retrospective.

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