Here, some of the artists-in-residence describe their experience at Anam Cara:

Sassa Buregren (Varobacka, Sweden)

I´m trying to hold on to that peace and creativity and concentration I felt at Anam Cara and in the magic ravine. I´m really eager to continue what I started. I think it´s a perfectly balanced mix of good things you have gathered at Anam Cara, Sue: the warm and friendly athmosphere, both cheerful and serious, lots of good food, lots of laughs, respect, openess to thoughts, support, discipline, Maureen, Maggie, Tony, Tara, the ducks... And in such a beautiful landscape! It made me take my own creative work seriously; I needed that.

Teresa Flavin (Glasgow, Scotland)

I already know that being at Anam Cara in Beara was a life-altering experience. So many things happened because they were supposed to....When the student is ready, the teacher appears. I now have a better sense of where to take my artwork and the time with you and Rupert and others has contributed directly to that.

Mary Jean Cleland Caroga Lake, New York, USA)

The calming effects of my stay are still with me. That is good because I woke up at 6:30 to a basement living space with 3 inches of water, which I could have handled if the floor hadn't just been covered with carpet. It certainly gave my family an opportunity for a togetherness time. We each had our own wet vacs, and I was in charge of coffee.

I will have a new set of Anam Cara paintings matted if you can use them in the July show. I've been reinterpeting the ones that I did at Anam Cara and now realize I was only taking visual notes. The feelings of the retreat went deep to the bones the very short time [one week] that I was there. My children enjoyed the visual notes particularly the four that I felt represented Ireland . I'm adding to the series. I feel the impressions that I was left with of Ireland will be another whole series.

Geraldine Slater (Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada)

Anam Cara is most certainly a work in progress. And one gets the feeling that with all the gentle and wise nudging that you bestow upon the place, like the universe, "it is unfolding as it should" in harmony with something that is innate to the Irish landscape that is not easily replicated elsewhere. Congratulations on creating an environment that embodies so much to inspire the creative spirit and soothe the soul!

Sarah Robinson (Graiguenamanagh, Co. Kilkenny, Ireland)

I have started a piggy bank...saving for my next visit to Anam Cara. Thank you for a wonderful week!

Ann Tracey-Lopez (Tucson , Arizona, USA)

My stay at Anam Cara was a godsend for refreshing my creativity, and my soul.

Ula Retzlaff (Dublin, Ireland)

I often think about your beautiful place and your wonderful hospitality. My stay was almost like being in a sanctuary; I never really expressed my feelings and how beneficial was Anam Cara for me at the time.

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